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Motherhood is magic and mayhem, all at the same time. Yep, you’re not alone in seeing the irony that motherhood is the job you always wanted—yet, it constantly demands you dig deeper. It’s full of highs and lows and is the wildest ride you will ever take! It is easy to lose sight of yourself as you love everyone around you. Joy is the only way to thrive through motherhood and is the secret to actually enjoying motherhood, even on the days your kids misbehave! It's time to practice, seek and savor joy in motherhood! Join us in finding the the everyday magic that is always there.

You + Joy + Motherhood = Magic

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Let go of the heavy pressures and truly experience joy in building your business. It's time to have way more fun growing your dreams! It's about letting go of the drudgery to allow for magic, replacing the boring and monotonous with juicy inspiration, while creating a balanced lifestyle and substantial profits. We understand the yin-yang of entrepreneurship and have mastered how to be fueled with joy in life and business. This workshop will infuse you with your own joyful strategies so that you can freely commit to create your business goals.

Fueled with Joy in Business